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Growing your revenue as a Creator is not Easy

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Make more Money as a Creator

Creators like you create massive value 

93% of Marketers have used influencer marketing 

Influencer Marketing Achieved 11x the ROI Than Banner Ads

Businesses Make $5.20 for Every $1 Spent on Influencer Marketing, on Average

Join thousands of creators using Mavl to get more sponsors and make more money 

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Why Mavl for Creators?

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More Sponsors See Your Content


We will introduce your content to sponsors inside and outside our existing network of brands

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Get Better Deals

With incentives aligned we win when you win. Let us handle the negotiation process to ensure you get the best deal 

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Touch of Technology

Mavl we use tools enabled by AI and Big Data to help us connect creators to brands all over the world.

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Grow your business with Mavl 

Get access to services such as animation, translation, merchandising  and community monetization

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