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Partner With Beloved & Sought After Creators

Is Your Creator & Influencer Marketing Budget Growing With The Times

In 2021, 62% of top brands with dedicated Creator Marketing Budgets said they are planning to increase their creator marketing budget, up from 57% the year before.


The creator economy has something for everyone, and everyone is on it. Today 88% of brands have dedicated marketing budgets to work with influencers and creators.


Mavl partners with brands big and small with all kinds of marketing needs from ad placement to collaborations, sponsorships to endorsement deals.



Experience Mavl Magic by using One or All of our Enterprise Service Offerings

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Mavl Match 

Mavl represents and manages thousands of creators across hundreds of niches. Based on your needs Mavl will connect you with the right creator for you.

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Mavl Spend 

Optimize influencer marketing spend. Brands using Mavl Spend, on average get 27% savings and 10% increase in ROI.

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Mavl Media

Full Campaign Management, Creative Design and PR services leveraging the Mavl creator network and our exclusive partners

Working With the Best Clients and Partners

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Speak Directly To Your Ideal Customer Profile

As the creator economy continues to grow, so too does the breadth of creators within it.


Mavl Cluster is our proprietary technology which groups creators together based on engagement data and niche segmentalization rather than subscribers and views getting you the most out of your budget. 


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